Residential Property for Sale - East

Bungalows / Detached
Ramsgate Vicinity

Reference No : S00009
Type : Detached
Land : 6,000 sqft
Build-In : 5,000 sqft

Braddell Estate

Reference No : S00014
Asking : Subject to Offer
Type : 3 Storey Detached
Land : 10,233 sqft
Build-In : 10,500 sqft approx

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Toh Estate

Reference No : S00063
Asking : Subject to Offer
Type : Bungalow
Land : 6,900 sqft
Build-In : 9,000 sqft approx

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Lucky Height Estate

Reference No : S00019
Asking : S$ 4,700,000 (subject to offer)
Type : Semi-Detached
Land : 3,320 sqft
Build-In : 5,000 sqft

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